The Power of Water: Celebrate diversity by embracing each person's uniqueness and strengths. This video features the first 10 minutes of a recent presentation by Chuck to a group of high school students.




“This morning our eighth grade students attended your presentation, and I have to tell you that it was one of the best things that I have ever seen. The students were clearly fascinated and well entertained by what you had to say. I really think that your message resonated with all of them, and I am hopeful that they will incorporate what you have taught them in to their own lives. Your message resonated with all of us adults in the audience as well.”

-Chris Eagan
Wilbraham Middle School Spanish teacher


“Chuck presented a serious topic in a way young people can relate to. I know I will use some the strategies next time I get into a fight.”

-Maranacook High School student


“Chuck’s presentation was a perfect summation for our tolerance classes.”

-St. George School counselor


“Chuck knew how to engage the students from start and they walked away with a very important tool.”

-Wiscasset Middle School principal

Through a visually powerful and relatable presentation, Chuck C. Nguyen, empowers students and adults to celebrate and embrace diversity in their schools and communities.  Chuck uses humor and heart to share his vivid childhood of Vietnam and the drastic and at times painful challenges of coming to and fitting in in America.


The one-hour, 'Story of Water' school presentation demonstrates:
• A story of assimilation and the importance of education, as the great equalizer to opportunity.
• Creating resiliency in young people by teaching them how to effectively and peacefully overcoming daily challenges and obstacles.  Empowering young people to make positive decisions in their lives in regards to dealing with negative emotion, peer pressure, and substance use.
• Educating students on the purpose and types of bullying and harrassment, and how they can take positive roles to create a safe and nurturing climate in their school and community.
• Embracing individual uniqueness and celebrating diversity in schools and communities.