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Chuck C. Nguyen
1439 Western Road
Warren ME 04864
207.691.0598 phone


Chuck C. Nguyen

 Social Worker, Diversity Advocate, and Bullying Prevention Educator.

Chuck C. Nguyen and his family sought refuge from their war-torn country of Vietnam in 1980. Growing up in America, Chuck had to learn how to peacefully overcome the challenges of fitting into a new culture.

After earning his clinical degree in counseling, Chuck worked at the Maine State Prison. While there, he developed and facilitated a program that utilized Yoga, Tai Chi, and Zen mindfulness for prisoners. It was during this experience that Chuck found a disturbing correlation between young people who dropped out of school and incarceration. Many of the young male prisoners Chuck worked with, had not made it past the 9th grade.

In 2005 Chuck began his clinical intervention and prevention work in schools in Mid-Coast Maine. Chuck has presented Power of Water throughout Maine schools and also at the Maine Guidance Counselor Association Conference, Maine Substance and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Conference, and Maine Alternative Education Conference.

When not presenting, Chuck works as a clinical social worker for a school district in Mid-Coast Maine.  He works with special education teachers on how to best support students with emotional and mental disabilities.  He also teaches young people how to move and live peacefully through the Peaceful Warriors Program.   Chuck lives with his wife, Lorie, and their two boys, Zan and Mason, in Warren, Maine.

Excerpts from Chuck C. Nguyen's presentation,
"The Power of Water: Overcoming Bullying and Obstacles Gently"


A young monk imitates water from Chuck C. Nguyen on Vimeo.

The first Vietnamese student in my new school from Chuck C. Nguyen on Vimeo.

Fighting like water with the kid who called me "ugly" from Chuck C. Nguyen on Vimeo.

Choosing to either be more like water or more like a rock from Chuck C. Nguyen on Vimeo.

Teach to be gentle from Chuck C. Nguyen on Vimeo.