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The Power of Water: Celebrate diversity by embracing each person's uniqueness and strengths.

Chuck teaches a group of young students “Falling Water”, a peaceful way to deflect physical and verbal attacks.Ten years ago, I presented the first “Story of Water” to group of middle schoolers at St. George School in Midcoast Maine.

This story is not new.

My grandfather taught it to me before I left Vietnam in 1980. I am positive that this story was told to him by his grandfather, who learned it from his grandfather–and so on.

This is the same strategy that I used to face the challenges of a new country, a new language, and “rocks” who had no understanding of who I was, or what, I was about.

Soon after my St. George presentation, through people like you, the story and message was spread throughout Maine at the middle and high school level.

For the following five years, I was employed by the Maine State Prison System (as a social worker)–working with many emotionally injured and hurting young people. To this point, their lives had forced them to exist as ‘rocks’. It was my mission to spread the message of living and resolving conflicts like water–peaceful and effective conflict resolution.

Arizona’s Grand Canyon is a great example how, over time, solid rock has been smoothly worn away by patient and consistently flowing water.

This past summer, I was invited by camp director, Dud Hendrick, to a present "Story of Water" to a group of young men at Cardigan Mountain Lacrosse Camp in Canaan, New Hampshire. There was an overwhelming questions and requests by these young folks. Following this uplifting experience, I realized how my grandfather’s message could still effectively change a person’s point of view as well as potentially change their life.

Cardigan Mountain: The Top New England Lacrosse Camp for 34 yearsThrough my new website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed, I hope to keep the message flowing. I invite you to send me your own thoughts, questions, life experiences, and daily challenges.

I’ll keep you posted as to my presentation schedule.

If you think that your group could benefit from my strategies for overcoming bullying–feel free to either give me a call or drop me an email. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and your friends face-to-face.

I will keep you updated with my experiences. 
I invite you to share yours with me.


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