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" Story of Water was  a phenomenal talk for our students this morning. Chuck and his message of resiliency and embracing cultural diversity had a significant impact on our kids".

-Ryan Freeley, Berwick Academy Dean of Students



Cardigan Mountain Lacrosse Camp, breakout session

Chuck Nguyen presented his "Story of Water" at the Cardigan Mountain Lacrosse Camp in New Hampshire this past August. The young man had over four hundred pre-teen and teen-agers enthralled for the duration of each of two presentations. Using the metaphor of water he relates the story of his life to convey messages relevant to perseverance in the face of extraordinary challenges. Mr Nguyen's words were powerful, yet the physicality he demonstrates left his audience mesmerized as he traced his story from childhood in war-torn Vietnam, through his family's escape and the painful adjustment years as an immigrant in America that follows. He speaks of the philosophical tools provided by the culture of his birth-place that have enabled him to survive and thrive in the face of exclusion, racism, and bullying.

-Dud Hendrick
Dud Hendrick, Director, Cardigan Mountain Lacrosse Camp

Programs & Training Opportunities



Students will experience a powerful, engaging, and relatable presentation on overcoming adversity and the challenges of fitting in.  Chuck uses the philosophy, mindfulness, and movements of Kung-fu to demonstrate the power of flexible and peaceful ways to resolving conflicts.  Students will learn how to embrace and stand up for their family history, uniqueness, and disabilities. 1 hour school wide assembly, followed by 2 hour workshops for students leaders or at-risk student population.




Training for K-12 educators and professionals working with students with a focus on trauma-sensitive practices and approaches.  Teachers will learn the lifelong impact of trauma, childhood toxic stress, and how to empower students to overcome these Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).  Teachers will gain valuable insights and methods to create inclusive and supportive relationship with their students. (2-3 hours)


The Good Business of Diversity Seminar


Moving beyond harassment training to empowering human resource,managers and leadership teams to embrace diversity in the direct customer service, board room, and individuals who drive and promote best practices and production in all work setting. 

Why embrace and promote Diversity in the classroom and workplace? Because it encourages us to work more inclusively and  simple it is good business!  


On-Line Coaching and Consultation for Educators and Students

Chuck is also available to consult with teachers and young people via facetime, Messenger videochat, and skype. Educators will be provided ideas on how to make their learning environment more compassionate and inclusive.  Chuck is available to guide and coach students weekly or as needed to find effective, meaningful, and peaceful means to overcome the challenges and adversities they are facing in their daily lives.